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By Robert Findlow, Jul 30 2018 11:53AM

On two consecutive nights in July, we had cycle tourers stay with us. They found us through the Warmshowers website. Really interesting people doing some long distance riding. Jan was going from Spain to the north of France, whereas, Nicolas and Joanne were heading to Bordeaux from their hometown of Besancot.

Pendant deux nuits consécutives en juillet, nous avons accueilli des cyclotouristes. Ils nous ont trouvés sur le site internet "Warmshowers". Des gens vraiment intéressants qui parcourent de longues distances. Jan partait d'Espagne vers le nord de la France, tandis que Nicolas et Joanne se dirigeaient vers Bordeaux depuis leur ville natale de Besancot.

By Robert Findlow, Jul 30 2018 11:43AM

Our two friends from the UK, Sue & Janet, came to stay and sample the delights of the Correzian summer. We think they enjoyed themselves.

By Robert Findlow, Feb 26 2018 01:01PM

It's been a while since our last post, but we're back......

Our first Winter has been cold and very, very wet! Flood alerts have been frequent throughout France.

But, at Le Cantou, we've invested in a large and powerful woodburner to keep uswarm and toasty.

The B&B rooms are nearing completion and with luck, we should be ready to open for business by June 2018.

.....oh! Nearly forgot, we have a new addition to the household....Falco the Beagle.

Looking forward to Spring!

By Robert Findlow, Jul 11 2017 01:42PM

Upon ripping out the white pvc cladding from the 'white room' in the kitchen, it became apparent that Mr & Mrs Woodworm had took up residence in the first floor joists. We thought the floor felt a little 'spongy' when we walked into the end bedroom!!

Our plumber, Romain, quite rightly, refused to fit a shower tray in the room, stating that the excessive movement in the floor would lead to leakage around any sealed joints and would impact his 10 year guarantee. Luckily, our builder, Andrew, knows what he's doing and set about installing a concrete floor in the end bedroom where the shower tray is going to lie.

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